What is DSL Broadband?

DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is a high-speed internet connection across a telephone network. It uses the same lines as a regular landline telephone service. While landline telephone (dial tone) service is not required for DSL connectivity, your location must be hard-wire connected to the telephone network. Users can still place landline telephone phone calls while surfing the internet. 

Why choose Agri-Valley DSL Broadband Service?

DSL service generally sees less service interruptions caused by weather and does not require a “line of sight” signal from a local tower antenna. The always on connection is dependable for much of today’s gaming and video demands. Installation may be as simple as connecting to existing wiring. AVS DSL network is monitored 24 hours a day, every day to maintain connectivity when you need it!

How to get Agri-Valley DSL Broadband Service

Connectivity is available in areas serviced by AVS' sister company, Pigeon Telephone Co. with a service area that includes geographic locations in Pigeon, Sand Point and parts of the surrounding communities as well as Twining/Turner and Alba/Lakes of the North. Contact our office with your installation address for service availability verification.

Agri-Valley DSL Broadband Pricing

A variety of DSL packages from the robust Business Premium plan for $99.00/month to the Limited Basic plan for $19.95/month are available to subscribers.

Do you live in Pigeon, Sand Point, Twining, Alba or Lakes of the North have an interest in subscribing to AVS DSL high-speed internet service?

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Partner-Services Discount of 5% off the base service fee applies to accounts with service subscriptions from both Agri-Valley Services and Thumb Cellular.