Agri-Valley Services is proud to offer DSL broadband internet service to homes and businesses within the Pigeon Telephone service area. AVS DSL offers a fast and reliable broadband connection that is ready for the heavy demands of today’s internet usage. From basic web browsing to live video streaming, AVS DSL has an affordable plan that meets your online needs.

To determine if AVS DSL is available at your address, fill out the form on this page and our sales team will contact you soon. You may also call our sales team at 888-282-4932 during normal office hours.

AVS DSL Service Comparison

AVS DSL Service Comparison



Partner-Services Discount of 5% off the base service fee applies to accounts with

subscriptions from both Agri-Valley Services and Thumb Cellular.

Ongoing Service Upgrades

Agri-Valley Services is upgrading its DSL network with “vDSL” technology, which promises download and upload speeds up to 3x faster than traditional DSL service. Upgrades will also boost overall service reliability, especially during peak usage times.

We’re rolling out this greatly improved broadband service to the following communities:

  • Alba & Lakes of the North (2018) - Customers have been transitioned to vDSL.

  • Pigeon & Sand Point (2019) - Customers are currently transitioning to vDSL.

  • Twining & Turner (2020) - Construction planned for Spring 2020.

Legacy Plans (Twining & Turner)

The following plans remain available to customers within the Twining and Turner DSL coverage area. Once available, these customers will be automatically upgraded to the new vDSL service and a comparable vDSL plan.

Do you live in Pigeon, Sand Point, Alba, Lakes of the North, Twining or Turner, and have an interest in subscribing to AVS DSL broadband internet service?

Fill out the information below and click SUBMIT. Our staff will check on availability and get back with you soon.

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